Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Wow, check this out.  Promotional email says:

"Yeah, I have no clue why he's giving this thing away but he's
not even taking an email address for it."

Let's see what they are asking for and not asking for...

Here's transcript of my back and forth with customer service AFTER my credit card was charged but BEFORE they asked me for additional id's and images to be sent to am ambiguous international fax number:

You are now chatting with 'Ashley'

Ashley: Welcome  home of Signalsnow and the Autotrade System  (24/7customer support) How may I 

assist you?

me: Hi. My credit card has been charged but I am entirely uncomfortable with providing the 

additional required personal information internationally. Please cancel my transaction and refund my 

deposit. Thank you.

Ashley: cannot do that without personal information. That is our credit card requirement to prevent fraud

me: I understand but I am not comfortable. Can you cancel my credit card transaction?

Ashley: i cannot sorry

Ashley: our contract with creditcard processors that run and approve card require this

me: I'm trying to understand: If I wish to cancel my transaction because of my discomfort 

you mean you will keep my money and I cannot trade and I cannot get my money back?

Ashley: that is the companies rule. I just work here

me: So if you were a customer what would you do?

Ashley: you agreed to these rules when you opened account with us. Please read terms and conditions

me: No. There was no information about the additional id information that was required. Just 

the credit card form.

Ashley: please read terms and conditions they are on our webpage

me: THank you. I will speak with Chase credit card services concerning a disputed charge. 

My understanding is that you have charged me $xxx. I cannot cancel it and I may not retrieve it without 

providing additional personal information internationally. Correct?

Ashley: correct

me: OK, thank you!