Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brick to: Total Comfort Inc, Westport, Danbury, Stamford, CT

Our central air conditioning system was installed several years by Total Comfort Inc of Westport, Connecticut.  It has run well, but needs service now.  On a phone call to the Westport office today trying to schedule repair work, we were asked if we were a customer.  They said they would only do repairs for customers.  We asked what being a customer meant, since we had obviously been a BIG customer in contracting with them to install the system.  They asked if we had had the system installed by them WITHIN THE PAST YEAR.  We said it was more than a year ago.  They said they would not help.  And that was that.  We're off on our own.  Buyer beware.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bouquet to: Obama and Boehner for the (so far) failed "historic, grand deal" on debt and taxes

The $4 trillion Obama/Boehner debt-reduction deal, including increased marginal tax rates for high-income US citizens and reduction in Medicare benefits, may lay on the cutting room floor today, but the basis for agreement remains.

Specific elimination of tax loopholes - not accompanied by any increase in marginal tax rates - paired with spending cuts of the exact same amount may be a way to achieve net spending savings in excess of  the roughly $2 trillion needed to offset the increase necessary in the debt authorization.  Oxes from both parties would be gored - but Republicans would not have relented on what seems to be a non-negotiable point; specifically, any increase in marginal tax rates.