Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brick to: Bottle Shock - the movie

I am a real fan of wine and winemaking. So, Bottle Shock (sometimes seen as "Bottleshock") was a movie of real interest to me. Though it got some historic details of the prophetic Paris Tasting of 1976 (also called Judgment of Paris) France/California wine tasting correct, the over-the-top nature of Bottle Shock as film-making turned me off so much that I could never recommend the movie - even to my most oenophilic friends. A big, wine-drenched brick to the film.

Consider: 1) the over-the-top last-minute conversion of "too perfect" brown chardonnay into perfectly clear chardonnay; 2) a key secondary character (Gustavo) who disappears entirely from the film once the female lead character (Sam) decides to unexplainedly exit his bed for the lead character (Bo); 3) many instances of 20-20-hindsight prophetic wisdom (Spurrier: "This is only the beginning. Someday, I predict we'll see wines from places like Australia... and even South Africa!").

Oh, give me a break. Just stay home and enjoy a bottle of Mollydooker The Boxer -from Australia - and without all the sanctimoniousness of "Bottle Shock"!

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