Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brick to: Health Products USA

An order for vitamins placed April 18, 2009, to Health Products USA - which goes by - was charged to credit card on April 18, and confirmed as "shipped immediately" by email on April 18. No tracking information was provided. On April 30 - 12 days later - no evidence of product, no follow-up email to indicate delay, no tracking information provided.

Email inquiry to not responded to during business day. Telephone inquiry during business hours (to website-provided phone number 866-877-2810) was not answered by person. Voicemail instructed that inquiries on current orders must go to Made such inquiry and am still awaiting reply.

At current time, status: BEWARE

One business day after email inquiry, I received email response from saying order was backordered and has now been shipped.

At current time, status: WATCHFUL WAITING

Product arrived May 4, 2009, slightly more that two weeks after order. Looks like may have been shipped same day I received email reply. CONCLUSION: nothing malevolent about company, though somewhat sloppy with customer service and communication practices. Ok to order, but keep copies of your receipts and be prepared to follow-up via email. Do not order if in a hurry for product.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bouquet to: The Sun...

...rising over Burying Hill Beach, Westport, CT...

yielding an April warmth that allowed many to play later in the afternoon across town at Compo Beach...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brick to: Bottle Shock - the movie

I am a real fan of wine and winemaking. So, Bottle Shock (sometimes seen as "Bottleshock") was a movie of real interest to me. Though it got some historic details of the prophetic Paris Tasting of 1976 (also called Judgment of Paris) France/California wine tasting correct, the over-the-top nature of Bottle Shock as film-making turned me off so much that I could never recommend the movie - even to my most oenophilic friends. A big, wine-drenched brick to the film.

Consider: 1) the over-the-top last-minute conversion of "too perfect" brown chardonnay into perfectly clear chardonnay; 2) a key secondary character (Gustavo) who disappears entirely from the film once the female lead character (Sam) decides to unexplainedly exit his bed for the lead character (Bo); 3) many instances of 20-20-hindsight prophetic wisdom (Spurrier: "This is only the beginning. Someday, I predict we'll see wines from places like Australia... and even South Africa!").

Oh, give me a break. Just stay home and enjoy a bottle of Mollydooker The Boxer -from Australia - and without all the sanctimoniousness of "Bottle Shock"!